Want to dispute an inheritance but can’t fund the costs?

If you’ve lost a loved one recently and have been left out of the will, or not left as much as you thought you were entitled to, you’re not alone.

  • Around one in four people would contest an inheritance if they didn’t think it was fair. But the solicitor’s costs can mount up and not everyone who has a right to their share has the funds to pay legal fees.

This is where Inheritance Dispute Funding can help. 

  • We take a view from the solicitor as to whether your case is likely to be successful and if it is you can borrow against the inheritance you’ll receive. You don’t need to pay a penny and there’s no risk involved.

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You can find out more about the probate process and how it works here.

Because we underwrite the estate proceeds, not you as an individual, it means:

   Funding for 100% of legal costs

   No personal liability and no credit checks

   No monthly repayments and no charges over property

   No pre-application assessment costs

   The loan is repaid by the estate

How do I get my inheritance earlier?

Short online form or speak to our team if you prefer

Request estate information from solicitors

Complete paperwork
We pay the solicitor's bill

Estate repays the funding