Tower Street Finance

Making access to
inheritance easier

Tower Street Finance is an inheritance lending specialist that offers accessible financial products for inheritance beneficiaries, executors of estates and administrators, and people who want to fund the legal cost of disputing an inheritance. 

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority we currently offer three products that have been designed following extensive research with customers and the legal sector:

Allows beneficiaries to access a proportion of their inheritance sooner, with the Advance repaid out of the proceeds of their inheritance.

Provides a solution for estates that are effectively ‘locked’ because the executor has to pay the Inheritance Tax to apply for the Grant of Probate, but needs the Grant to realise the assets to pay the bill.

A unique loan to cover the legal costs to dispute an inheritance. Unlike other products we don’t ask you to jump through expensive hurdles to assess your dispute and there are no credit checks, no charges over property, no personal liability and no monthly repayments. 

Key product features