What would you do if you could have your inheritance sooner?

Inheritance Advance is a unique product from Tower Street Finance which enables beneficiaries to get some of their inheritance earlier. Get your money quickly!

Inheritance Advance key benefits

  • No credit checks
  • No repayments
  • No charge over property
  • Advance up to 60% of your inheritance
  • Available pre Grant of Probate
  • No requirement for a Will

The Facts

  • 1 in 3 UK adults are relying on an inheritance
  • 12 months is the average time it takes to access your inheritance
  • 8 out of 10 people expect to leave an inheritance
  • Average inheritance is around £160,000 per beneficiary
  • Only 1 in 2 people in the UK have a Will

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How do I get my inheritance earlier?

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Request estate information from solicitors
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Release of funds

Estate repays the funding

We talked to people who told us why they like Inheritance Advance.

“An inheritance loan is a great idea. I’m out of work and it’s taken 15 months so far and I really need to get the money out of the house.”
“I’d appreciate the cash to cover day-to-day expenses. An estate loan would really help.”
“I can’t get a loan due to my credit history – this would really help.”

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Representative 22.0% APR

Representative example
If you took out an advance of £50,000 (the total amount of credit) and the advance was repaid by a single payment out of your inheritance after 1 year, the total amount payable would be £60,977. This is made up of repayment of the advance, interest of £9,977 and origination fee of £1,000. The annual interest rate is 19.6% fixed.

The Inheritance Advance product is a credit agreement which provides you with access to credit which is secured by an assignment of the inheritance monies you are due to receive from the estate (which does not create a charge over any land or property). Access to the product does not rely on your personal credit rating (unless you are an undischarged bankrupt) and, other than in cases of fraud/breach of terms & conditions, repayment of the advance together with accrued interest/fees, is made out of your entitlement to the estate. There is an upfront origination fee (2% of the advance, maximum £1,500) which can be added to the advance. The estate must be administered by a recognised administrator.