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Benefits of becoming a Tower Street Finance partner

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
Benefits of becoming a Tower Street Finance partner

Tower Street Finance currently has two products, Inheritance Advance which allows beneficiaries to get access to an inheritance sooner, and IHT Loan which helps executor clients unlock estates by paying the inheritance tax bill.

Both products have been tailor-made to not only provide solutions to the wide range of problems beneficiaries and executors can face, including if there is no will, but also the challenges professionals managing estates can come up against.

Being a partner simply means you introduce clients to our products – you don’t need to sell our products, there is no liability, no catches, no onerous paperwork or processes.

But there are lots of benefits to being a Tower Street Finance partner…

Clients expect you to tell them about Inheritance Advance and IHT Loan

According to a panel of 2,000 UK adults we surveyed, 79 per cent would expect a professional who is managing their loved one’s estate to inform them about our risk-free products.

Probate delays are longer than ever – stop clients chasing you for updates  

The pandemic and the probate process going online has meant that probate delays have dramatically increased. We work with more than 100 partners and overwhelmingly they have told us that these delays have put more pressure on them and that they’re receiving higher volumes of calls and emails from clients asking for updates.

Our partners also tell us that our Inheritance Advance product has not only provided a solution to their clients keen to gain access to an inheritance before probate has been granted, but also for them too – it’s reduced the pressure on the firm and provided added client value.

We pay an introducer fee – or donate it on your behalf to charity

Tower Street Finance offers a fee to partners at the time a product is taken out. But, if you would prefer not to accept a fee we will donate it on your behalf to our charity partner Cruse Bereavement Care.

There’s no catch, no sales or onerous processes and paperwork

We don’t ask you to sell our products, just to introduce us to your clients. The only other thing we ask is that you supply some basic information to us – all information you’ll already have easily to hand.

We’ve created this simple process with partners in mind. Our products are designed to make things easier for you and your clients.

There is no liability to you. We take the information that you provide and do our own assessment to underwrite the loan.

Solving the problem of ‘locked’ estates

Each year around 2,000 families are unable to afford the average up front IHT bill of around £200k. We provided a solution to this by launching our IHT Loan just last year – there are no monthly repayments, charges over property or credit checks and it’s risk free for clients and legal representatives.

Find out more about how you can become a Tower Street Finance partner by visiting


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