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Flexibility at Tower Street Finance

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
Flexibility at Tower Street Finance

It’s National Work Life week which gives the opportunity for employers and employees to focus on wellbeing and work life balance.

Tower Street Finance is expanding its staff complement and one of our benefits is being able to offer our employees flexibility to meet their individual needs and promote wellbeing.

Heather Pollard, head of credit policy, risk and underwriting has been with us from the very beginning and although officially based at our HQ in Harrogate is able to vary where she works: “Because we started up during the pandemic we’ve always had the technology in place to work from home – or indeed anywhere. This has meant we’re able to recruit the right people regardless of where they’re based, but we do make sure we meet frequently as a team.

“Being able to work anywhere is also ideal for our working parents. The business has been great about being flexible when we’ve had to home school and now things are getting back to normal we can also flex our hours so we can take time off to go to sports day and appointments etc.”

 Sam Day is a relationship support manager based in Dorset: “It’s always been a long term goal to move to the coast and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life, but it wasn’t realistic because of mine and my husband’s job in the Midlands.

“The pandemic changed everything and remote working made the option to move sooner a reality. Now I live in Dorset and the business let me downsize to a 3-day working week which means I can now fully enjoy my new found hobbies like sea swimming whilst still maintain a fulfilling role within Tower Street Finance. The team keep in touch with regular Teams calls and we all got together in Harrogate recently for a much anticipated night out.

James Emery is a business development manager based in Cardiff: “Obviously the last year has seen us working largely from home with all meetings via Teams or Zoom. In the last few months, however, things have opened up and face-to-face meetings are happening more often. Generally these are happening outside of the office, as plenty of firms still keeping visitors at bay due to the pandemic, but a coffee shop is always a good (and welcome) bet, and Tower Street is supportive of this way of working.

“I think there are many benefits to a potential on-going hybrid situation, including sometimes being able to be out the front door at 5.15pm to walk the dogs to our local beach. The pandemic might just have forced us down a not unhealthy work-life balance route.”


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