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HMRC crackdown highlights potential IHT problems 

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
HMRC crackdown highlights potential IHT problems 

HMRC’s reported crackdown on inheritance tax (IHT) highlights both the complexity of the area and the potential financial consequences that families can face, an expert has warned. 

According to data obtained by Telegraph Money, HMRC has claimed more than £600 million from around 2,000 families across the past five years. The Daily Telegraph outlined how this included people who were told to pay after breaching rules around gifting. 

HMRC inheritance tax crackdown

The newspaper gave the example of parents who had given homes to children in order to reduce the value of their estate. However, they then remained in the properties and failed to pay a market rate of rent, as the rules stipulate. 

Experts also went on to warn that more people could face such problems as they consider different strategies. 

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Dicky Davies, Director of Business Development at Tower Street Finance, said: “The rules around estate administration can be very complicated and this recent report highlights how many people are facing problems.

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