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Inheritance Advance is a godsend for couple struggling financially

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
Inheritance Advance is a godsend for couple struggling financially

We helped a customer who was having a difficult time mentally and physically access her inheritance sooner which potentially stopped her and her partner losing their home and helped finance things they wouldn’t have ordinarily have been able to.

Penelope* had been suffering from chronic depression and was then diagnosed with a serious illness and given the devastating news that she could just have two weeks to live.

She had taken time off work and although she’d been employed by the same company for 24 years, they stopped paying her.

Fortunately Penelope made a full recovery but just as she was given the all clear another blow hit when her mother died.

Penelope’s partner Darren* says: “We were struggling financially. I hadn’t worked for five years as I was Penelope’s full-time carer and we thought we might lose our home. On top of this our car had just had to be scrapped. So we went online and found out about Tower Street Finance’s Inheritance Advance product.

“The application process was really quick and easy and the person we dealt with was great. The service was excellent – I’d definitely recommend them and I will come back myself if I need to. Tower Street Finance made a huge different to my partner’s quality of life at a time when she really needed it.”

 The couple cleared their mortgage arrears, bought another car and took a UK holiday. Continues Darren: “If we’d have waited for the usual inheritance process we would have been taken to court and potentially lost our home so it was a godsend, and just what Penelope needed after being so ill.”

Penelope was eventually able to go back to work where she was greeted by 250 of her colleagues.

 *not their real names

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