Inheritance dispute divides brother and sister

May 11, 2021

One in four people say they would contest a will if they were unhappy with the division of the estate. And that’s exactly what happened when a brother and sister disagreed with what their father had left when he passed away.

The father had died in 2016 with the son named as the sole beneficiary of the will. The daughter launched a claim stating that she believed the will was invalid due to her father’s lack of mental capacity.

The son turned to Tower Street Finance for an Inheritance Advance to pay his legal fees to defend his claim to his inheritance.

Since helping the son, Tower Street Finance has launched the Inheritance Dispute Funding Loan.

Inheritance Dispute Funding is a loan to cover the legal costs to dispute an inheritance and allow you to get what’s rightfully yours. It’s a unique financial product because, unlike others, we don’t ask you to jump through expensive hurdles to assess your dispute, there are no credit checks, no charges over property, no personal liability and no monthly repayments. 

The Inheritance Dispute Funding loan has been designed to be simple because dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough.

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