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Inheritance tax bill causes sibling divide

Richard Dearden
Written by
Richard Dearden
Inheritance tax bill causes sibling divide

An inheritance tax bill had divided siblings after their mum passed away. Here’s how Tower Street Finance helped with its unique IHT Loan.

The problem:

Sadly, a mother passed away leaving two siblings. There was no will and a £250,000 inheritance tax (IHT) bill to pay. The main asset was a property worth £1.4m which one of the siblings wanted to sell. However, the other sibling was living in the property and unwilling to move – resulting in a messy case of siblings in dispute and one facing eviction.

The solution:

With the support of Tower Street Finance and its IHT Loan the son was able pay the tax bill to prevent HMRC adding interest while the issue with the sale of the property could be resolved.

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