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IWC Probate Services becomes a Tower Street Finance partner

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
IWC Probate Services becomes a Tower Street Finance partner

Tower Street Finance has recently partnered with IWC Probate Services, a national specialist probate, genealogy and will writing company.

We talk to Sam Hill, the operations manager to find out about the partnership and how clients are reacting to Tower Street Finance’s products.

Q Why have you partnered with Tower Street Finance?

A Sam from TSF got in touch and we quickly realised that there was a great synergy between our businesses and the clients we work with.

Q How can Inheritance Advance and our IHT Loan help your clients?

A We often have executors who find they have IHT to pay on an estate, so by working together we can help them get the bill paid quickly to avoid any penalties being incurred. This is especially useful when estate funds are tied up in a property that is waiting to be sold.

Also sometimes beneficiaries require an Inheritance Advance before we have begun to cash in the estate assets. We’ve seen beneficiaries being able to put down a deposit on a new house or purchase a new car.

Q How have they been reacting to the offerings?

A We let executors know about our partnership with TSF as soon as we start working with them and they are very reassured that they can fall back on their services if required.

Q How easy is the process of introducing Tower Street Finance products to clients?

A We have found it extremely easy. We have been supplied with PDF brochures that also bear our own logo to show that we work together in partnership.

Q Our research showed that 50 per cent of people expect their estate administrator to know about products to access inheritance sooner – what are your thoughts on this?

A If a beneficiary requires their inheritance before we have collected in estate funds, then I am sure they are very grateful that IWC is knowledgeable and aware of other products and services that can help them.

And a few quick fires…

Q If this wasn’t your job what would you do?

A I’d work as virtual secretary, providing administration services to other businesses.

Q You’re on death row – what’s your last meal?

A Lamb Curry and all trimmings.

Q Ideal dinner party guest?

A My family.

Q Guilty pleasure?

A Loud ‘active rock genre’ playlist and Duran Duran music with a ‘small large vodka’.

To find out more about becoming a Tower Street Finance partner call 0343 5047100 or email


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