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Life on the frontline with Rebecca Scherman…

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
Life on the frontline with Rebecca Scherman…

The pandemic has turned everyone’s world upside down but for Tower Street Finance’s operations manager Rebecca, it’s a Scherman Tank (a St. Bernard puppy named Tank), who is making life that bit better…

You’re often the first person customers speak to – it must be hard to know what to expect…

I suppose the one thing they generally have in common is they’re recently bereaved. It’s about listening and picking up on signals on how we can best help them. Some are at peace and were prepared that it was coming, but for others it’s a huge shock. I’ve dealt with two cases recently where relatives had died of covid and a father who sadly lost his daughter suddenly. Quite often I deal with people who’ve never been involved in the finances so it’s about talking about the options in simple terms. And some people are just at their wit’s end because of the length of time probate is taking.

How have you found working during this lockdown?

I don’t know what scenario the customers imagine you’re in when they speak to you – I guess it doesn’t matter to them as long as you’re helping. I think customers just now assume you are no longer based in an office and are working from home – just like many of them. There is a strange sense of freedom being able to stay in pyjamas all day!

Like a lot of people I am missing the simple day to day human interactions.  I am even looking forward to Friday jogs with my colleague Heather. I miss socialising but most of all hugs! Although our new puppy, a four month old St Bernard called Tank, is providing enough cuddles to fill the gaps.

How did you come to work at TSF?

I took redundancy from my previous company, Lowell, in December 2019 to join TSF. I’d led a team that dealt with vulnerable customers who were struggling financially, so my experience in this area was a perfect fit for this role.

I knew a lot of the team at TSF from Lowell but had never worked closely with them. It’s been amazing to learn from their experience and knowledge and to be able to talk to our customers about our great products, which are there when they need it most, is the icing on the cake.

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