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We can help your clients access their inheritance sooner

What are the benefits of partnering with us?

  • An extra service to offer clients
  • Saves time and cost (you don’t have beneficiaries and executors chasing because of delays beyond your control)
  • It helps ‘unlock’ problem estates which are asset rich and cash poor
  • Generates business which could otherwise walk away to a no win/no fee firm
  • Not having to fund estate costs frees up working capital
  • You’re guaranteed to get paid – we only lend on expected inheritance
  • We offer a service fee to our partners
  • We help you solve your clients’ problems!

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Partnering with us is easy

  • We don’t ask you to ‘sell’ our products – just make your clients aware of them and pass on their details if there’s any interest
  • It’s not an onerous process, all we ask you to do is provide us with the same information you would usually gather as part of the administration process
  • We don’t expect you to warrant that the information is complete/correct – we do our own analysis before underwriting the products
  • There is no liability to you, or your client, if there is a shortfall in the inheritance, for whatever reason – we take that risk

Our products are all simple and straightforward and share a common DNA:

  • no personal liability
  • no risk
  • no credit checks
  • no charge over property
  • no monthly repayments
  • no need for a Will

We currently have four products to help you and your clients

Provides a solution for estates that are effectively ‘locked’ because the executor has to pay the Inheritance Tax to apply for the Grant of Probate, but needs the Grant to realise the assets to pay the bill.

Estate Expense Funding is a product available to executors and personal representatives who can’t fund the costs associated with administering an estate.

A unique loan to cover the legal costs to dispute an inheritance. Unlike other products we don’t ask you to jump through expensive hurdles to assess your dispute.

Allows beneficiaries to access a proportion of their inheritance sooner, with the Advance repaid out of the proceeds of their inheritance, but with no risk or personal liability.