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The inheritance issues raised by dying without a will

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
The inheritance issues raised by dying without a will

Death is a part of life, but it is not something that many of us really like to think about. However, this reluctance to consider the issue can create problems – particularly when it comes to how your possessions will be handled when you pass away. 

Back in 2017, research by suggested that 31 million UK adults were at risk of dying without a will. The site added that this meant their estate may be distributed in line with intestacy law – something that may not reflect their own wishes. 

Dying intestate

Such issues could have a big impact on an individual’s friends and family. But, if such problems sound familiar, you can rest assured that Tower Street Finance may be able to help. 

Dicky Davies, Business Development Director at Tower Street Finance, said: “Some people may put off making a will or simply feel it is not necessary. However, it is a chance for an individual to ensure that their estate – including business, property and financial affairs – is handled in the right way. 

“The lack of a will can lead to costly disputes, with this creating lots of stress for friends and loved ones. Our Inheritance Dispute Funding is designed to help in this situation, as it can cover the legal costs related to such an issue. The estate then subsequently repays the funding. 

“Distribution of an estate could also take longer in such a situation. Our Inheritance Advance may come in handy in this scenario, as it lets people get some of their inheritance earlier. Finally, it is also worth emphasising that all our products are available in situations where there is no will. 

“These issues can be very stressful, but we are committed to providing support where we can.” 

Find out more at about our Inheritance Tax Loan product or call us on 0343 504 7100.

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