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Tower Street Finance launch new TV campaign

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
Tower Street Finance launch new TV campaign

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new TV and Radio campaign designed to raise awareness of our unique financial solutions to the problems that can arise throughout probate and estate administration.

Our campaign tells the story of two customers who need to access their inheritance early to help them to pay bills in or ensure his father’s wishes can be carried out. These are both real scenarios we have seen at Tower Street Finance, and we’re pleased to say we have been able to help these and many more customers. 

Customers we have helped

In our first story, we join our customer after the passing of her mother. Sadly, when a loved one passes, this can be a challenging time emotionally, but also financially. Expenses for funeral costs, property sales fees or even Inheritance Tax to name a few can soon mount up causing unwanted anguish at an already distressing time. Our customer knows she has funds coming, but really needs them faster than the typical 9-12 months that probate and estate administration can take. 

In our second story, our customer’s father has passed. As a loving grandad, he wanted to ensure that his grandson was set up in his own home. Our customer wants to use his inheritance to do just that for his son, but as probate and estate administration takes around 9-12 months, he’s going to lose the house his son wants. 

Solving customers problems

If our unique financial products didn’t exist, these customers would have to use existing personal finance products depending on the amount and if available:  

  1. Take out personal loans for smaller amounts 
  2. Remortgage or take out a bridging loan for larger amounts 
  3. Apply for any debt relief or part payment schemes if available 
  4. Do nothing and either fall into debt, or miss the opportunity 

These options could mean getting into debt, being personally liable, placing your home or credit score at risk and needing to make monthly repayments.  

Our unique products provide solutions to these problems and ensure that there are no credit checks, no monthly repayments and no personal liability.

Richard Dearden our Head of Marketing said: “We’re proud of our new campaign which will raise awareness of our innovative products and enable more people in need of financial support to access our solutions. 

“Our Trustpilot reviews confirm that our solutions offer a valued lifeline to our customers, and our excellent rating tells us that we truly offer an exceptional service”. 

Find out more about Inheritance Advance or contact 0343 504 7100 

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