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Tower Street Finance launches Estate Expense Funding

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
Tower Street Finance launches Estate Expense Funding

Tower Street Finance has launched a unique new product to help executors and personal representatives who have expenses to pay as part of their duties but don’t have the funds readily available to pay upfront costs.

Estate Expense Funding is a lending product which complements the other products in our range helping beneficiaries and executors who are working through the administration of an estate.

As part of the executor/personal representative role there are various costs involved in dealing with the estate. These testamentary expenses are prioritised for repayment when the estate is distributed, however this can take up to 12 months.

Estate Expense Funding is not a traditional loan – there are no credit checks and you don’t have to own a home as there are no charges over any property.

And because the loan is repaid from the estate as a priority there are no monthly repayments so income and affordability don’t need to be assessed.

Once the Grant of Probate is issued the loan is repaid from the estate proceeds, before any inheritance is distributed to beneficiaries.

It’s simple, straightforward and there’s no risk.

Says Dicky Davies: “As with all our products we’ve carried out research with our partner firms and this is a real problem for many of their customers, and the partners themselves as they sometimes end up funding these costs, using up valuable working capital.

“People don’t always realise that as well as IHT there are many other expenses that need to be paid before the inheritance is released such as funeral costs, professional fees, property repairs, house/garden upkeep, etc. which all adds up.

“Every professional who is dealing with estates at the moment knows that there are crippling delays for people waiting for the Grant of Probate, and this is having a knock-on effect on practitioners who are also having to wait for repayment of their fees.

“Our products mean that their customers don’t have to be concerned about how to fund these expenses – they can access a proportion of the inheritance sooner, taking the worry out of the process for both parties.

“An additional benefit for the customer is that they can cover the costs of prepping the house for sale at market value rather than having to rush a sale through at a lower price – it’s a win-win.”

Estate Expense Funding offers:

  • No risk
  • No personal liability
  • No monthly repayments
  • No credit checks
  • No charge over property
  • There doesn’t need to be a will

Tower Street Finance has three other products to help beneficiaries and executors:

To find out more visit or call 0343 504 7100 or email

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