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Unique beneficiary product to access inheritance sooner

Richard Dearden
Written by
Richard Dearden

Tower Street Finance has introduced a unique product which the probate sector, executors and beneficiaries have been crying out for.

Inheritance Advance enables beneficiaries to access a proportion of their money sooner, without having to wait for the probate process to complete, or worry about their credit history.

Others claim to be the first to market with a similar product, but can they say the following about their offering?

  • There are no repayments made by the beneficiary
  • There are no credit checks
  • There’s no charge placed on assets or property
  • The product is risk free for the beneficiary

We thought not!

It’s not a bridging loan or personal loan which is why it’s unique and unlike anything anybody else is offering in the probate sector. And there really is no risk – even if there’s a shortfall on the amount the beneficiary is ultimately entitled to, TSF take that risk.

We know the probate process can be lengthy which can be frustrating for beneficiaries that want access to their inheritance sooner. We also know the current challenges faced by the sector resulting from the Covid-19 crisis could make it longer as estates will take longer to administer.

Says Richard (Dicky) Davies, TSF’s Business Development Director: “We’ve done our homework and customer research so know this product is very appealing to those professionals working in the probate sector. Overall it’ll help them provide a better service to their customers and will only take a simple introduction of the customer to TSF. It’ll also remove those time-consuming calls from beneficiaries and executors chasing their inheritance.”

Here’s what makes Inheritance Advance unique…


If you want to hear more about how Inheritance Advance works and can help your customers please do get in touch:


Tel: 0343 504 7131


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