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When credit-history need not be an issue

Richard Dearden
Written by
Richard Dearden

We know these are challenging times for many and, sadly, some people’s credit histories are going to be adversely affected due to financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

On 17th March the Government announced mortgage lenders had agreed to offer payment holidays to support people who found themselves struggling to keep up with payments due to COVID-19. The FCA also announced similar measures for credit cards, personal loans and revolving credit.

Taking a payment holiday during this time, whether that be a break from mortgage payments, credit cards or personal loans, should not affect your credit score. However, your credit history is not the only factor taken into account when lenders make a decision and your credit-worthiness in the future could still be affected (

These days it’s easy to check your own credit history and most lenders will use credit history as one input into the application process for a financial product. An adverse credit history vastly reduces your chances of receiving finance.

With Inheritance Advance, your credit-worthiness is irrelevant: if you have adverse credit history you could still be eligible for finance. There is no personal liability and we don’t put any charges on property. Tower Street Finance takes the risk so, even if assets sell for less or take longer to sell, you won’t be affected.

Inheritance Advance is the only product of this type on the market today, allowing you, regardless of your credit history, to receive money from your inheritance earlier, thus giving access to vital funds which can be used for whatever you choose.

To find out more about Tower Street Finance and Inheritance Advance, call us on: 0343 504 7100, email or visit our website:


Please note: If you are struggling to pay any debt, always speak to the lender. If you simply stop payments because you can’t afford them, this will be recorded as non-payment and your credit score WILL be affected.


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