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Building partnerships with Solicitors and IFAs 

Richard Dearden
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Richard Dearden
Building partnerships with Solicitors and IFAs 

We pride ourselves in building strong partnerships with a wide range of organisations that provide services and solutions before, during and after probate and estate administration. 

Our vast experience working with Solicitors has shown that, where IFAs partner with law firms and introduce our products leads to an increase in reciprocal referrals to IFAs for beneficiaries of estates. 

This is due to our financial solutions having the ability to unlock “locked” estates and help fund testamentary expenses. Both outcomes mean the probate and estate administration process can continue. 

Probate funding solutions

Estates become “locked” when the estate doesn’t have enough liquidity to pay an IHT bill. Our Inheritance Tax Loan enables the executor to settle the IHT bill which allows grant of probate to be received and the probate and estate administration process can progress. 

Estates can also face delays and difficulties if the Executor needs help to pay other testamentary expenses such as funeral costs, legal and administration fees, property maintenance etc. The more complex the estate, the more expensive this can become. Our Estate Expense Funding solution helps remove this risk and ensures the process can progress. 

Introducing our solutions to Law Firms ensures their clients can progress with their matter and the beneficiaries receive their inheritance as quickly as possible.  

This creates opportunities for referrals back to IFAs and helps clients receive the right solutions when they need it. 

Key benefits for law firms 

  1. We can unlock estates which do not have enough liquidity to pay the IHT bill
  2. We can provide a facility to draw down from to pay other testamentary expenses 
  3. We can ensure that any legal or estate administration fees are paid promptly 
  4. We can use the facility to help maintain the value of the estate throughout the probate and estate administration process to deliver the best value 

We have helped hundreds or customers working with hundreds of law firms and are proud of our excellent Trustpilot rating and five star Defaqto ratings. 

Find out more about partnering with us or call 0343 504 7100. 

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