Estate Expense Funding


Are you an executor or personal representative faced with unexpected estate expenses?

Estate Expense Funding is a product available to executors and personal representatives who can’t fund the costs associated with administering an estate.

Unique benefits of Estate Expense Funding

  • No credit checks
  • No personal liability
  • No charges over property
  • No monthly repayments
  • No requirement for a Will

What costs can Expense Estate Funding cover?

  • Funeral costs
  • Professional fees e.g. probate, valuers, surveyors
  • Estate property repairs and maintenance
  • House clearance costs

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How Estate Expense Funding works

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Request estate information from solicitors

Complete paperwork
The fund is available to cover expenses
Estate pays the refunding

We talked to people about how Estate Expense Funding could help them…

“I had no idea I’d be responsible for covering repairs to the house before it could be sold and this delayed the inheritance being distributed. This product would have really helped.”
“There are so many assets in the estate but as executor and beneficiary I can’t access them until I’ve paid all these costs upfront and I simply don’t have the funds to do it.”
“Being able to take out this product means I’ll be able to get the house ready for sale and hopefully get what it’s worth at market value rather than selling it in a state of disrepair.”

Let’s talk it through…

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Representative 19.6% APR

Representative example
The Representative APR is calculated assuming the entire facility is drawn in full on the date of the loan, and repaid in full after 12 months. By way of a worked example, if we agree a facility of £10,000, to be drawn in 9 instalments – with the total being repaid in a single payment after 12 months, then the total amount repayable would be £11,273.25. This is made up of repayment of the total facility and interest of £1,273.25. The effective rate for the credit in this example is 12.7%.
If there’s no will and no executor, the loan is also available to the person applying to be ‘personal representative’.

The Estate Expense Funding product is a credit agreement which provides you with access to credit which must be used to pay Testamentary Expenses on the estate and is paid directly to the professional firm managing the estate. The loan does not create a charge over any land or property. Access to the product does not rely on your personal credit rating and, other than in cases of fraud/breach of terms & conditions, repayment of the loan together with accrued interest, is made out of the estate proceeds. We assess the value of the estate to ensure that there will be sufficient proceeds to cover the loan plus accrued interest. Interest is only charged for the first 30 months of the loan. The estate must be administered by a recognised administrator.

Estate Expense Funding can also be used where a Trust Company is appointed as the professional executor/personal representative. In this instance the loan is not regulated by the CCA but all other terms are identical to the CCA-regulated Estate Expense Funding.