Lost a loved one and faced with an unexpected IHT bill?

If you’ve been appointed as the executor or personal representative of an estate it’s likely that you were close to the person who died, and we know that’s there’s a lot to deal with on top of grieving for a loved one.

  • The admin involved is complicated and can take up to a year. Because Inheritance Tax has to be paid before any inheritance is released, many executors can’t cover the costs which can mean the estate becomes ‘locked’.

That’s where IHT Loan can help.

  • Executors/personal representatives can borrow against the estate proceeds to cover the HMRC bill – we pay the tax direct and when the Grant of Probate is received the estate pays off the loan.

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You can find out more about the probate process and how it works here.

Because we underwrite the estate proceeds, not you as an individual, it means:

   No credit checks

   No repayments

   No charge over property

   No personal liability

How do I get my inheritance earlier?

Short online form or speak to our team if you prefer

Request estate information from solicitors

Complete paperwork
We pay HMRC
Estate pays the refunding