Inheritance Dispute Funding


A unique loan to fund inheritance disputes

Inheritance Dispute Funding is a loan to cover the legal costs to dispute an inheritance and allow you to get what’s rightfully yours. Unlike other products, we don’t ask you to jump through expensive hurdles to assess your dispute. IDF has been designed to be simple because dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough.

Unique benefits of Inheritance Dispute Funding

  • No pre-application assessment costs
  • Funding for 100% of legal costs
  • No charge over property
  • The loan is repaid by the estate
  • No personal liability, no credit checks, no monthly repayments and no charges over property

Did you know…

  • Other lenders insist on a legal assessment of the inheritance dispute before they make a decision about the loan. This can cost £5,000+, can take months, and after all that, the computer could still say “no”
  • You’re not alone. 1 in 4 people say they would contest a will if they were unhappy with the division of the estate
  • There are many reasons a will is disputed – issues over invalid wills, beneficiaries who feel they are entitled to more, and those who want to pursue a claim under the 1975 Inheritance Act

Tower Street Finance works with a panel of trusted solicitors who are experts in inheritance disputes

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How the Inheritance Dispute Funding Loan works

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We pay the solicitor's bill

Estate repays the funding

We talked to people about how Inheritance Dispute Funding could help them…

“My husband died suddenly and hadn’t updated his will. I relied on him financially, but his children from his first marriage have inherited everything and I haven’t got the money to contest it.”
“Mum died and we found she’d left half of everything to her carer in a will we hadn’t seen. We think she was put under pressure, but I can’t get a loan to pay a solicitor because of my credit rating.”

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Representative 22.0% APR

Representative example
Representative APR is calculated assuming the entire facility is drawn in full on the date of the loan, and repaid in full after 12 months. By way of a worked example, if we agree a facility of £50,000, to be drawn in 9 instalments – with the total being repaid in a single payment after 12 months, then the total amount repayable would be £57,561.87. This is made up of a repayment of the total facility, interest of £6,561.87 and the origination fee of £1,000. The total rate for the credit in this example is 15.1%.

The Inheritance Dispute Funding product is a credit agreement which provides you with access to credit which is secured by an assignment of the inheritance monies you are due to receive from the estate (and does not create a charge over any land or property). Access to the product does not rely on your personal credit rating (unless you are an undischarged bankrupt) and, other than in cases of fraud/breach of terms & conditions, repayment of the advance together with accrued interest/fees, is made out of your entitlement to the estate and any other funds you may receive from the settlement of the dispute. There is an upfront origination fee (2% of the advance, maximum £1,500) which can be added to the Advance. Your dispute must be handled by an SRA regulated law firm that we have approved and who has signed our Funding Agreement. The estate must be administered by a professional firm that we have approved.