Here are some frequently asked questions about Inheritance Advance. If your question isn’t answered here you can call us on 0343 504 7100.

Inheritance Advance is designed for people who want to get hold of their inheritance sooner for any reason – this could be to pay off current debts, free up disposable income, make home improvements, pay for education/social care costs or move house.

If you are eligible for an Inheritance Advance, the funds can normally be released within 48 hours of it being approved.

You don’t have to make any repayments. The Advance (plus all fees and interest) are repaid directly from your proceeds of the estate.

Not at all. There are rules that apply when there’s no Will – this is called intestacy and it sets out how much each beneficiary gets.

We will lend against a percentage of the value of assets that can be reliably valued and are expected to be sold by the Executors of the estate. This will include things like property in the UK, bank accounts, investments and quoted shares but not foreign property.

There’s no set minimum for an Advance, but the maximum will be up to 60% of the assets that can be valued and will be sold.

It all depends on how complicated the estate is – and all cases are different. Based on our market research, the average time for an estate to be liquidated is around 12 months.

Once we’ve given you the Advance, we take the risk that the estate takes longer to liquidate or if the assets sell for less than expected. The interest rolls up on the outstanding Advance (only for the first 30 months) but the balance to be repaid out of the Estate will never be more than the inheritance you will receive.

Your credit history isn’t relevant because the Advance is repaid from your inheritance and is not related to your credit profile; we will only check for (undischarged) bankruptcy.

Because the Advance is repaid from your inheritance we do not have an upper age limit.

No, the Advance is linked to your inheritance, so it’s not secured on any property or land.

No, the Advance is made based on a percentage of your expected inheritance and is repaid once the estate is ready to be distributed to you.

No, any Inheritance Tax is paid by the estate and this is deducted before the individual beneficiaries are told how much they will inherit.

Yes – the Advance is for individual beneficiaries and can be taken out individually or by several of them, but there is no link between them.

Absolutely – anyone that is a beneficiary can apply for an Advance.

It won’t affect you. Once we have made an Advance, any changes to the distribution of the inheritance is our risk.

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